My name is Remco Anker and i'm a freelancer animator based in Oudewater, The Netherlands.
I love bringing characters to life on as many ways as possible, and for me animation is the best way to do so.
By exploring different ways of animation i always learn great things everytime i work on something new.
Whether it is an animated explainer or a game , 2D handwritten, or technically 3D modeled.
I am always looking for something new, and improve on what i know.
If you are looking for an animator, all of these things i can provide for you:

-2D and 3D animation
-Motion Design
-2D frame by frame animation
-3D modeling, riging, texturing
-Complete Explainer animation projects
- Ingame animations
- Wide vary of technical skills, varying from the total adobe package to Autodesk

If you are interested to work with me, or just have any other questions,
feel free to contact me. i'm always looking for new projects and connections!